Toilet Paper Roll Pumpkins

Thanksgiving is almost here! If you need a cute little centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table, or just a fun little decoration for your mantle or shelf, this is it! Inexpensive, cute, and so easy even a novice can turn out the best little pumpkins! So grab a few supplies and make a few.

For each pumpkin, you will need:

1 roll of toilet paper

1 fat quarter fabric

1-2 leaves, artificial or dried

1 twig or cinnamon stick

Let’s get started! Grab your roll of t.p. and unwind a good amount, about 1/4 of the roll.

Now start winding the t.p. back around the roll, LOOSELY, in a pattern as shown in the pictures.

You can do a few different shapes, just make them a bit fluffy and full.

I chose to do 3 pumpkins because I couldn’t decide on a fabric, so I bought all 3 for $1 each. As you can see, when you unfold your fat quarters, they are pretty creased.

You’ll want to iron each piece so it’s nice and smooth.

Place one  of your rolls in the center of your fabric.

Pull up each flat edge of the fabric and hold in place with your fingers.

While holding in place, fluff out each corner.

Now take each corner and tuck it into the center of your toilet paper roll. There is no need to glue anything.

It should look something like this:

Not very clean looking, is it? Just use your fingers to adjust the gathers until it looks good to you. There. Much better!

Here is my little trio:

I pulled a few artificial leaves off of an old autumn wreath I had. You can go outside and grab a few fallen dry leaves off the ground if you want. 😉

Just tuck the stems right down into the center of your toilet paper roll. So easy!

What I really wanted to use for the stems were real twigs, but I had to improvise. It just so happens that I have no plant life in my new yard yet, but I do have a jar full of cinnamon sticks, so that is what I used, and it turned out perfect!

Ta-da! I just love them!

Thank you to my sister for her inspiration! I now have my own set of poofy little pumpkins to adorn my fireplace this fall.

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