Life is a Story – What Does Yours Say?

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Life is a Story – What Does Yours Say? came about because of the following experience:

Before my grandma passed away, I would take my youngest daughter with me to clean her house once a week for a couple of months while my older girls were in school. I knew she didn’t have much time left on this earth, and it made my heart sad. One day as I cleaned, I asked her if she had ever written anything down about her life or if she had ever kept any sort of a journal. She said no, she never had. My heart sank, because I knew I did not have the time to sit with her and write down her memories. I had four small children and my days were filled with taking care of my family.  My grandma passed away not long after this, and I still feel a little sad that I did not get to know her better.


Here is a picture of my beautiful grandma:



This had been weighing on my mind a lot lately, and one early morning, as I was still sleeping, I felt a sudden jolt which woke me. I had a very strong idea present in my whole body that I needed to do something. I needed to put together a workbook to help people record their life stories! I know this idea did not come from me. I didn’t have a clue where to start! I began researching on the internet how to go about such a project, and even though I knew there were other workbooks out there for this purpose, I needed to publish my own version.

Well, here it is, in all its humbleness, with a huge piece of myself poured into it. I know it could be more beautiful, more organized, more. . . whatever it’s missing, but it’s me with all the pretty feminine flowers that make my heart happy! It’s all the questions I wanted to ask my grandma, all the questions I want to answer for my own future grandchildren!  

I hope it will serve its intended purpose to preserve legacies for all who desire it, to bind families together on both sides of the veil of mortality, and help us recognize how much we need each other, past, present and future!

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6 thoughts on “Life is a Story – What Does Yours Say?”

  1. Hey there! It’s very interesting what you are talking about. I think those are things about what we are not thinking in our daily life. We just don’t have time for that. But maybe IT IS important.. important for our children and friends.. I think you have made good work!

    1. Thanks Sandra, it definitely takes extra effort to do these kinds of things, but it will be so worth it for our posterity!

  2. My grandma always told stories and I wished that she had written them down. She passed away last year. This is a lovely idea.

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