Where Can I Turn for Peace?

Do you feel like the world spins a little bit faster every day? I sure do! I feel like there is never enough time in any one day to accomplish everything I want to do! I have been feeling a bit discouraged about this lately. I feel like the things I want to do each day are all good things, too, so how do I decide which need to “fall by the wayside?” I propose that the only way to discover the answer to this question is through sincere prayer and then earnestly, carefully, quietly listening for the impressions God gives you through his Spirit, or the Holy Ghost. Even more importantly, you must act on these impressions!

I have received a very personalized, sacred response through the Spirit to my own soul, for my own life and struggles. It wouldn’t do much good for me to reveal those solutions to you, because they are personalized specifically for me! For my struggles, my situation, my talents and weaknesses, and my own capabilities to follow through, or the lack of those capabilities.

Your answers, your solutions, will be tailor-made just for you, by the creator of the universe, your Father. How amazing it is to know that He, who is over ALL, listens to my little problems and helps me figure out how to overcome them. He has BILLIONS of children petitioning Him constantly for help, yet He NEVER fails to help ME, to help YOU, when we earnestly seek Him! 

I challenge you to ask God to help you find solutions to your struggles and your worries, TODAY! Then be still, and LISTEN! Then write down what you hear in the quietest chambers of your heart. What you feel; what you wonder, “Is it just my own brain?” Most likely it is the Holy Ghost, quietly giving you the answers you seek from the Ruler of Heaven and Earth.

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