February Book Review – Wife in Pursuit

Wife in Pursuit

31 Daily Challenges for Loving Your Husband Well

by Selena Frederick


Can I just start out by saying how much I love this book?! It is such a great resource for me as a wife. The reason I chose to buy this book is because I know that the fire in my marriage relationship needs to be constantly fed, and I love tangible lists! The title of this book addresses the list junkie in me as well as the struggling wife.

I recognize that I need to put DAILY effort into my marriage, and sometimes that can be really difficult to do! I think that sometimes I put that priority on the back burner, thinking that I can take care of all the immediate to-do’s on my daily list, and my marriage will patiently wait until I get around to it. Not so! I have definitely had my ups and downs in my marriage, just like anyone else, but I have come to realize that I have a lot more ups when I am tending to strengthening my relationship with my husband.

Selena Frederick helps me to focus on my relationship with my husband on a daily basis, encouraging me all the while to strengthen my relationship with my Savior. She understands that, as a Christian wife, the foundation that my life needs to be built upon is my Savior. Once I have Him as a firm foundation under my feet, and am confident in His love for me, I am able to extend that love to my husband and others around me.

I love the format of this book! It is very well thought-out and planned, and it makes each day’s devotional and challenges so easy to follow.

Each day is structured as follows:

  • A scripture from the Bible to ponder.
  • Devotional content to help you connect the scripture with your life. Selena offers some very insightful help to apply the scriptures to your daily life.
  • Reflection questions to help you ponder deeply and discover your own heart.
  • Prayer challenges. I love this part of each day! The prayer challenges really helped me to develop my dialogue with God and taught me specific things that I can pray for that I never would have thought of on my own.
  • Daily Pursuits. Each day offers a pursuit challenge; a way to pursue and connect with your husband. Some are easy, some more difficult. I have had to swallow my pride many times in order to complete a challenge. But I can honestly say that each challenge I have completed has brought me closer to my husband and to my Savior. Most of the challenges are also quite fun and can be used for date night ideas! (She also includes a list of 50 creative date ideas in the back of the book.)

This month has been the second time I have read this book and taken the 31-Day Challenge. I highly recommend this book! It has been a great help for me to focus on my marriage relationship more as well as my relationship with Jesus Christ.

On a wonderful side note, her husband has made a companion book for husbands so that you and your husband can both do the 31-Day Challenge simultaneously! How awesome is that?! Go check it out from your library, or snag a copy of it below. It is well worth the tiny monetary investment to strengthen yourself and your marriage!


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