DIY St. Patrick’s Day/Spring Tulip Wreath

St. Patrick’s Day is almost here? And so is Spring! I just love both! What better way to celebrate than with a beautiful green-toned tulip wreath to welcome your neighbors and friends? I saw this beautiful DIY tulip wreath tutorial on Pinterest and instantly fell in love with it! But I’ve really been wanting to make myself a new wreath for my new front door (which still needs to be painted) for St. Patrick’s Day, so I decided to combine the two ideas and make a beautiful green and cream wreath that can celebrate both the green holiday and the beautiful green of spring! 

It took me a while to hunt down some inexpensive faux tulips   at Michael’s craft store for $2/bush. I had to pick them up in the store, but it was a great excuse to drive two hours to visit my brother’s family! My girls and I made a day out of it and had a lot of fun.  

I used 6 bushes of green and 9 bushes of cream, so $30 worth of flowers. Not bad, when I considered the price of purchasing one premade! Plus, I just love to create things myself. It gives me so much more joy to look at than something I just purchased because I put a little piece of myself into it.

I used a 14-inch foam wreath base from my craft stash and purchased a spool of white tulle from Wal-Mart for $1.  I did see a foam craft wreath at Wal-Mart for only $4, as well.

I know that looks like a lot of flowers, but I promise, you’re going to need every one of them!

I started out by folding the tulle in half and spiral-wrapping the foam wreath with it so that I could stick the flower stems in between the layers, but if you are going to use tulle, skip this step! I found that the wire ends of the flower stems simply wouldn’t slide through the tulle, no matter how I tried.

If you decide to use a thicker ribbon, this may work, but rather than unwinding the tulle, I just left it on and found another method that worked for attaching the flowers, as you’ll see shortly. But first, cut all of your stems from the bush with wire cutters , separating each bush into about eight stems. Each stem will still have 3 flowers on it.

I used a straight pin to tightly pin a new end of the tulle, folded several times, to the foam. Next, I gathered up a few stems of each color and held them firmly against the foam base, wrapping the tulle very tightly around the stems. 

I continued this all the way around the base, making sure to cover the sides and front, leaving the back bare so it would lay flat against the door.

You may find it a little tricky at the end, as I did, to fill in the last little bit. Simply slide the stems of your final flowers under the first flowers’ stems, tulle and buds. Cut about a 6 inch tail on your tulle and tie it off tightly, trimming and hiding the end under the flowers and leaves.

At this point, you may wish to add a bow or a ribbon for hanging.  I tied a fluffy tulle bow, but decided I liked it better without.  I hung the foam base directly on the metal wreath hanger , and voila! I have a beautiful tulip wreath for my front door! I’m in love!

This project took me about 1 1/2 hours to complete, once I gathered my supplies, and cost me $31.  If you need to purchase a foam base, it will cost about $35. Now, go make yourself a beautiful spring tulip wreath! (In any color your heart desires!)

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