DIY Fall Acorn Wreath

I LOVE FALL!!! And nothing says fall like cute little acorns. What better way to decorate with them than with a woodsy wreath hanging on your front door to welcome your neighbors and friends?

We went for a drive  up our canyon about a month ago to look for wild scrub oak acorns, but only found a few green ones, so I ended up ordering some on Amazon. The caps are real, but the little nut meat part is foam. They are very realistic-looking, and I just LOVE how my wreath turned out! I used 4 bags and only had about 6-7 left over. If you are lucky enough to have access to real acorns, then definitely use those instead!

You’ll need a 14″ foam wreath form, 4 bags of 100-count acorns, a glue gun and a whole lot of hot glue sticks (I think I used about 8), some way to make your foam wreath brown (spray paint or fabric strips), and some cute fall-colored ribbon for your bow.

I couldn’t find any brown spray paint in my garage, but I did find an old brown knit skirt that needed recycling!

I cut the skirt into strips and wrapped them around the foam base, hot gluing the ends to the base.

Ta-da! Now you are ready to glue those cute li’l acorns to your wreath! Just keep your wreath flat on your counter or table as you glue the acorns on so the back of your wreath will hang flush with your door. We don’t want to waste any acorns by hiding them on the back! 😉

Tuck the acorns as close together as possible as you glue them on. I made sure to put some glue on the cap as well as the nut so they would stay put, even if the cap loosens.  Keep working your way around, snuggling the acorns tightly together until you cover the wreath completely (minustheback,ofcourse).

This is how far I got with three bags of 100 each. I had to stop and order another bag before I could finish!


You can buy a bow or make your own. There are many helpful bow tutorials on YouTube. Find a style you like and go for it! I hot-glued my bow to my wreath, but if you want it to be removable, you can use a wire to attach it.

Here is my finished wreath hanging on my front door. Isn’t it the cutest thing ever?! I am just in love with it! Yesterday, my girls and I went hunting for wild acorns and found a bunch! I can’t wait to go find some more, put them in a pretty, clear vase and put them on my dining room table. I Just LOVE fall!!!

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